Do you look good in every photo ?

tumblr_nt0ieaI8vP1urdtsto2_1280bDo you look good on every photo ?

– Probably the most asked question. So let me tell you a thing … If you are not Beyonce or Emma Watson (just love her) yourself, you never look amazing or even good in every picture ever taken of you. Neither do I – though I wished it was different guys. The reason you may ask that question is probably because I only decide to upload pictures where I look like a decent human being. Really – that’s nothing new, is it? Also since I am a photographer (I like to label myself as one) I know my angles and I also do have a photo editing software (shhht it’s photoshop guys) and I like to fix some blemishes like my pimples (yeah I get them). No big deal though !

So why don’t you have picture above of my not so airbrushed self


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