Gamescom 2015

gfgfhGamescom 2015 was a blast

I was so excited to get a closer look of all the amazing games launching soon.

And f*** yeah I met this amazing Lara Croft (and so many other people in awesome costumes), but she def. was my highlight ’cause she was cute and beautiful and just aaaaaagh (and have I mentioned that I love tomb raider? It was the first game I ever played back when I was a child). So yeah I was pretty nervous when I asked her for a photo and normally I’m a pretty cheeky person well maybe I’ve fallen in love or maybe not – who knows aiii.

Next year I’m wearing a costume as well ( when I have the time to prepare, I always forget about it until the end). But whom should I cosplay… Lara Croft, Ellie (the last of us), Maggie (the walking dead, tv series), Ciri (the witcher 3) or so many others. What a hard decision


One thought on “Gamescom 2015

  1. Omgosh!! I LOVE TR ❤ Literally played all the games ahah one of the first games I played when I was younger, as well as a game called Spyro 😀 The girl cosplaying Lara looked soo cool too


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