Bilbo, Bilbo, Bilbo

Geeez. Hell it’s been a while since the last time I tried to draw with ink instead of watercolours and it might take some time until I try it again. I mean there are some pros and cons for using ink but the main reason for me to stick with watercolours is just that they’re so more forgiving than ink. If you make a mistake while using watercolours, you just need enough water and you can blend it out pretty much, but make a mistake with ink and you’re fucked.

Well for this specific portrait I had to work with ink for several reasons:

  1. I wanted to draw with a quill ( to get that exact look like in the movie,or at least similar)
  2. It’s exactly the colour I was looking for
  3. Ink is much darker, so I didn’t have to repeat some steps like I have to do when working with watercolours

(The ink I used is from ROHRER & KLINGNER and is called “burnt Sienna”)


I open at the close

i open at the closeI open at the close

I totally forgot about that old, old drawing of mine. Since then my style has changed so much, but somehow I still kind of like this one (can’t stand the other harry potter pictures it did back then, like voldemort or harry and hermione together, way tooooo realistic).

But the Harry Potter books (and also the movies ok) are some of my favorites ever. Hogwarts is my home!

uhh forgot to mention that this “painting” was done with watercolours.